Statement of the OIC Secretary-General on the “Day of Palestinian Solidarity”

OIC Press Release

13 May 2001

Statement of the OIC Secretary-General on the “Day of Palestinian Solidarity”

Today, May 15, is “Palestinian Struggle Day,” the 53rd commemoration of the humanitarian tragedy being experienced by the Palestinian people as a result of the wantonly aggression which resulted in the occupation of their land, uprooting them from it and turning them into refugees within and without their own ancestral land. That aggression was also an attempt to obliterate their national identity, but those was caused the plight never managed, throughout the past five decades to conceal the Palestinian truth from the awareness of the international community. On the contrary, the valiant Palestinian people successfully consolidated their political identity among the community of nations and are pursuing their efforts to consecrate their freedom, independence and sovereignty over their national soil.

The sad anniversary has come as the Palestinian people are subjected to the most hideous assault, Israeli occupation and a devastating war of annihilation jeopardizing their lives, property as well as humanitarian and national rights, besides the Israeli onslaughts, which go unabated, against shrines and sanctuaries, including instructions to storm the sacred areas of the Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa, and along with declarations and threats to partition that holy shrine (The Farthest Mosque) in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

In the face of those Israeli attacks, the OIC Secretary-General is urging the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and take immediate action to ensure international protection of the Palestinian people. He calls upon all international and regional organizations to combine, align and continue their activities at the United Nations, the international Security Council and each and every world forum to institute their legitimate right and see to it that the resolutions and decisions of the “international legality” pertaining to Al-Quds. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict are implemented and abided by that the Palestinian people are able to regain their legitimate rights. Such rights include the rights of return, self-determination and the establishment of the Palestinians’ own independent Palestinian state in their national soil with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital. Such is the unshakeable foundation for just and overall peace to prevail in the area.