Continuation of the Israeli Agression against the Palestinian People

OIC Press Release

2 October 2000

Continuation of the Israeli Agression against the Palestinian People

For the fourth consecutive day, the Israeli forces continued their aggression against the Palestinian people, using tanks, rockets and helicopters. Since last Friday the number of Palestinian martyrs has risen to 36 in addition to one thousand three hundred wounded people. All indications show that the Israeli onslaught will continue to escalate.

In the context of following up these criminal attacks and bloody confrontations, the OIC Secretary General Dr. Azeddine Laraki is keeping contact with international fora. He has addressed messages to the UN Secretary General, and President of the UN Security Council. The OIC Permanent Observer to the UN in New York has issued instructions for convening an urgent meeting at the level of the Permanent Representatives of the Islamic Group to the UN. The necessary arrangements have already been made to hold the said meeting at 3.30 p.m., on Monday 2 October instant at the UN Headquarters in New York, in order to seek:

1. UN and Security Council intervention in order to immediately halt the savage Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian people, and lift the siege of Palestinian cities and villages.

2. Withdrawal of Israel troops and vehicles from all points of friction at the entrance of Palestinian cities, villages and camps.

3. The formation by the UN Secretary General of an international commission of inquiry in order to establish the facts concerning developments in the Palestinian territories, expose Israeli intentions and halt the massacre of the Palestinian people.

4. Confirm the responsibility of Israel for the bloody events which have occurred since the Chairman of the Likud Party violated the Holy Mosque in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.