The OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir Meets in New York

OIC Press Release

13 September 2000

The OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir Meets in New York

Dr. Azeddine Laraki, Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, opened on Wednesday afternoon 15 Jumada II 1421H (13 September 2000) at the UN Headquarters in New York the meeting of the Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir preparatory to the Annual Coordination Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States.

The Secretary General delivered an address in which he highlighted the continued efforts made by the OIC General Secretariat for the achievement of peace in Jammu and Kashmir and stability in the region of south Asia, as well as its endeavours to prompt India and Pakistan to exercise self-restraint and avoidance of escalation, and to engage into serious negotiations between them so as to effect an end to the dispute in Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with the Security Council resolutions and the Simla Agreement concluded between India and Pakistan as well as the relevant Islamic resolutions issued by the Summit and Ministerial Conferences.

Dr Azeddine Laraki pointed out that the evolution of relations between India and the OIC Member States in an integrated and positive manner cannot be achieved under an atmosphere of continued tension and escalation between India and Pakistan, and as long as no just and lasting solution to the issue of Jammu and Kashmir is secured. The Secretary General reiterated also the General Secretariat’s readiness to achieve a just settlement to the issue of Kashmir.

The Contact Group listened to the True Representatives of the Kashmiri people who briefed it on the ongoing developments of the issue of the Kashmiri people and called upon the UN and the OIC to exert further efforts and use all their potential to help them achieve self-determination for Kashmir, and to demand that India grant them their full rights in conformity with international legality and the resolutions of the OIC Summit and Ministerial Conferences.

The OIC Contact Group, which is comprised of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Niger, looked into the issues on its agenda, foremost of which the development of security conditions in Jammu and Kashmir and their coordination with the UN as well as ways and means to ensure an early settlement to the dispute in the region in conformity with the UN resolutions and the resolutions of the OIC Summit and Ministerial Conferences.