Al-Quds Committee Concludes Its 18th Session in Agadir

OIC Press Release

30 August 2000

Al-Quds Committee Concludes Its 18th Session in Agadir

Al-Quds Committee concluded its 18th Session held in Agadir, Kingdom ofMorocco under the kind patronage of His Majesty King Muhammed VI, Sovereign ofMorocco and Chairman of Al-Quds Committee, on Monday 27 Jumad-I, 1421H (28August 2000).

At the outset of the deliberations, the Sovereign of Morocco delivered a speechin which he underlined the need to defend the legitimate rights of the Muslim Ummahin general and the Palestinian people in particular, in the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif soas to preserve the religious, cultural and historic character of this holy city and so thatit may remn to be a symbol of tolerance and coexistence for the followers of differentfths.

Having referred to the difficult negotiations conducted recently in Camp Davidwith regard to the final status of Al-Quds, His Majesty addressed an appeal to all thoseinterested in peace, in which he affirmed that the present generations aspire with greatexpectation to the establishment of an all-embracing peace in the region so that a newera based on concord, trust and joint action may commence for the purpose of bringingabout a new future that allows the next generations to live in stability, security andprosperity.

Palestinian President Yasser Arafat delivered a statement in which he drewattention to the critical situation in Al-Quds City. He pointed out that it requiresmobilization of all energies and means to rid the holy city from occupation and torestore it to its legitimate people. Any solution relating to Al-Quds not based oninternational resolutions, will not be successful, affirmed the Palestinian President.

In light of the deliberations conducted by its members, the Committee reachedthc following decisions:

— The Committee affirms that the establishment of an equitable andcomprehensive peace in the Middle East has been and shall continue tobe one of the OIC member states steadfast major objectives, a peacebased on the resolutions of international legitimacy and particularlySecurity Council resolution 242 and 338 as well as the land for peaceprinciple. The Committee further calls for the need to pursuenegotiations to ensure continuation of the peace process on this basis.

— The Committee supports the efforts made in earnest to establish anequitable comprehensive peace and to ensure the return of the entirelyof the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 4th, and hails Lebanon’svictory through the liberation of its occupied southern area.

— The Committee supports the stand of the State of Palestine firmlyadhering to its sovereignty over Al-Quds Al-Sharif, including the HolyMosque of A1-Haram Al-Sharif and all the Holy Christian and Islamicsanctuaries which constitute an integral part of the Palestinian territoriesoccupied since 1967, and further affirms that Al-Quds Al-Sharif is thecapital of the independent State of Palestine. In this connection, theCommittee reaffirms its rejection of any attempt to diminish thePalestinian sovereignty over Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

— The Committee reiterates the need for action to put an end to all Israelipractices and measures which conflict with the resolutions ofinternational legitimacy and run counter to the agreements signed by thePalestinian and the Israeli parties. The Committee calls upon theSecurity Council to prevent these measures.

— The Committee demands all States to uphold Security CouncilResolution No. 478 (1980) calling upon them not to transfer theirdiplomatic missions to the City of Al-Quds; it further invites them notto admit the Israeli attempt to impose the fait accompli in the City ofAl-Quds. In this connection, the Committee rejects the recommendationissued by the American House of Representatives providing for thetransfer of the American Embassy to the City of Al-Quds and appeals tothe American Administration not to carry through this recommendationwhich is contrary to the resolutions of international legitimacy.

— The Committee calls on the States of the World to recognize the Stateof Palestine with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital as soon as thePalestinian State is proclmed on the Palestinian soil, and to provide allforms of assistance to the independent Palestinian State.

— The Committee underlines the need to implement General AssemblyResolution 194 concerning the return of the Palestinian refugees to theirhomes and property as a fundamental component of a comprehensiveand just peace.

— The Committee welcomes the framework agreement concluded betweenthe PLO and the Vatican on 15 February 2000 whereby all unilateraldecisions or acts such as any alteration of the distinctive character andlegal status of Al-Quds, are rejected both morally and legally.

— The Committee hails the efforts made by His Majesty the late KingHassan II in establishing the Beit Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency andentrusting it with the objectives of protecting the Holy City and itsPalestinian population. It also expresses its appreciation to his successor His Majesty King Mohmmed VI who has surrounded it with care and solicitude and who has generously provided it with the means to energize its activity under optimal conditions.

— The Committee extends its appreciation to the Al-Quds CommitteeMember States which promptly provided donations to the Agency, thusenabling it to initiate implementation of its projects in the areas ofhousing, restoration and education. The Committee calls on the OICMember States to support the Agency and to facilitate its mission inmobilizing resources and financial means for the implementation of itsprojects in Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

— The Committee appealed to the public and private financial institutions,funds, banks, business people and individuals, to fulfil their duty insupporting the Agency’s activities.