The OIC Secretary General Welcomes Outcome of the Somalia Reconciliation Conference

OIC Press Release

20 August 2000

The OIC Secretary General Welcomes Outcome of the Somalia Reconciliation Conference

Following the positive outcome of the Somalia reconciliation conference recently held in Djibouti which resulted in important resolutions foremost of which the decision to set up a Somali Parliament and to elect its members, the OIC Secretary General, Dr. Azeddine Laraki, welcomed this constructive step towards the consolidation of the peace-process in Somalia, and appealed to the various Somali factions to deal positively with the new Somali parliament. At the same time, H.E. Dr. Laraki called on the OIC Member States in particular and on the international community in general to extend all necessary assistance for the advancement of this reconciliation and to help the Somali people overcome their political crisis which continues to stand in the way of their achieving their aspired security and stability and of the fulfilment of their desire to rebuild their state in an environment of full independence and free-will.

The Secretary General recalled that the Twenty seventh Islamic Summit Conference of Foreign Ministers, held in Kuala Lumpur, addressed an urgent appeal to the leaders of the Somali factions to contribute to the peace process already set in motion at the Djibouti conference and to place the supreme interests of the Somali people above any personal interests and to agree to the implementation of the said conference’s resolutions.

The Secretary General pointed out that the Somali national reconciliation conference which was held at the initiative of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Djibouti, met with every support from the OIC.