Conclusion of the OIC Meeting of Senior Officials

OIC Press Release

30 May 2000

Conclusion of the OIC Meeting of Senior Officials

Senior Governmental Officials of the Member States of the Organization of theIslamic Conference (OIC) concluded on Tuesday evening. 27 Safar 1421H (30 May 2000)their meeting preparatory to the 27th Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.The 4-day meeting discussed the draft agenda and resolutions to be submitted to TheirHighnesses and Excellencies the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, for appropriate action, duringtheir forthcoming Conference scheduled to be held in the Malaysia capital, Kuala Lumpur,from 24 to 27 Rabi UI AwaI 1421(27-30 June, 2000).

The participants in the meeting addressed a cable of thanks and gratitude to theCustodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, Sovereign of the Kingdomof Saudi Arabia, expressing their appreciation of the assistance and support extended to theOIC to enable it to carry out its mission and achieve its objectives, foremost of which isstrengthening Islamic solidarity and advancing the cause of Islam and Muslims.

The meeting had considered a number of political, legal and information issues as wellas Muslim community and minority affairs, and other questions relevant to joint Islamic actionin all fields. The participants had exerted successful efforts to prepare appropriate formulationof draft resolutions pertaining to these issues They also addressed Islamic and internationaldevelopments., including that of hostage in the Philippines and the intensive efforts of the OICSecretary General Dr. Azeddine Laraki to secure their release.

In this context, the OIC General Secretariat issued a statement reflecting the attentionpaid by the Meeting of Senior Officials to the developments of the hostages in SouthernPhilippines, after they had been briefed on the initiatives taken by His Excellency the OICSecretary General in this regard, his efforts to secure the release of the hostages from the holdof their abductors and the readiness of the OIC General Secretariat to dispatch an envoy to thePhilippines to help in saving the lives of the hostages and putting an end to their prolongedordeal.

Concluding its proceedings, the meeting expressed profound gratitude to the Chairmanof the meeting Ambassador Dato Ahmed Fuzi Abdulrazak of Malaysia for wisely and ablysteering the deliberations. On the other hand, the Chairman of the meeting expressed histhanks to all the delegates of states participating in the meeting for the spirit of understandingand brotherhood which had pervaded the discussions He commended the services extended bythe OIC General Secretariat in terms of preparing the documents for the meeting which greatlycontributed to its success.