The Islamic States Expert Group, Convened for the Evolvement of the Two Draft Global Documents on Dialogue among Civilizations, Concludes Its Meeting

OIC Press Release

8 February 2000

The Islamic States Expert Group, Convened for the Evolvement of the Two Draft Global Documents on Dialogue among Civilizations, Concludes Its Meeting

The representatives of the OIC Member States, participating in the Meeting of the Expert Group for the evolvement of the two draft global documents on dialogue among civilizations have addressed a cable of thanks to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud: Monarch of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in which they expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to them and for the consistent support extended by the King – May Allah surround him with His divine protection — to the Organization’s efforts, such as to facilitate its tasks and help it achieve its goals in the service of the Islamic Ummah and its causes.

The Expert Group had concluded its meeting on Monday 1st Dhul Qida 1420H (7 February 2000). The meeting had been convened to work out the blueprints of the two global documents and to reflect the Islamic vision of the proper grounds for the dialogue among civilizations due to beheld in the year 2001 under the umbrella of the United Nations and with its blessing. The Meeting was attended by 23 OIC Member States in addition to three observer institutions, namely the Islamic States Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ISESCO), the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and culture, in Istanbul, and the Islamic Fiqh Academy.

A general debate took place around two working papers submitted respectively by the Iranian delegation and the OIC General Secretariat, as two drafts for the international document on Dialogue Among civilizations, which two papers were later amalgamated, upon the Group’s decision, into a single document that included the ideas and views expressed by the delegations and which evolved around the need for dialogue to actualize mutual understanding, coexistence and cooperation among civilizations provided that such a dialogue is rooted in justice and equity and keeps the negative aspects of globalization at day. There emerged also a consensus among the members of the Group on the importance of the involvement of national institutions, trade unions, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations in this dialogue, and on the need for this dialogue to address all areas so as to attain practical results.

As for the other document relevant to the working programme, it was agreed that its final draft should be postponed until the collection of working programmes in various key areas have been gathered from the Member States, including the political, economic, cultural, information, educational and environmental spheres, within a date not to exceeds, March, 1st 2000: The General Secretariat was mandated to address a new invitation — once it has collected these detailed programmes — to the same governmental Expert Group entrusted with the evolvement of the working programme document, to convene next May for the purpose of reviewing and adopting the draft executive working programme, in preparation for the two documents’ submission to the Twenty Seventh Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers for appropriate decision.