Laraki Recieves the Russian Ambassador

OIC Press Release

10 November 1999

Laraki Recieves the Russian Ambassador

The Secretary General Dr. Azeddine Laraki received in his office at the OIC General Secretariat headquarters in Jeddah, on Tuesday afternoon, 1st Shaaban 1420H (9 November,1999), His Excellency Y.A. Melikhov, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Russia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who delivered to him a message from the Russian Government in response to the statement made by His Excellency over the tense situation in Chechnya.

In his preliminary remarks, the Secretary General shed light on the OIC’s stand as to the sorrowful tragedy currently taking place in Chechnya and pointed out that the Organization of the Islamic Conference has always been of the view that the conflict between Russia and Chechnya could be settled through dialogue, but that the fierce military operations to which the Chechn people are currently subjected, including innocent women, children and the elderly, constitutes an unlawful action which is condemned by the international law and rejected by human conscience, towards, which silence cannot be maintained.

In response to the letter which included justifications for undertaking military operations and overlooking a peaceful settlement at the present time, Dr. Azeddine Laraki stressed that the Russian Chechnya conflict cannot be settled by indiscriminate bombardment, and through besieging towns and villages as well as destroying the infrastructure. It could only be settled through dialogue and negotiations which could lead to peace and stability in Chechnya, in particular, and in the Caucasus region in general.

The Secretary General also stressed that the Russian Government should take into account the international condemnation of the unjustified Russian military operations launched against Chechn citizens and invited the Russian Government to immediately work for finding a peaceful settlement for this crisis through negotiations so as to maintain its position in the Islamic world as a state supportive of the causes of liberation in the world.

At the end of the meeting the Russian Ambassador promised to convey to his Government the stand expressed by the Secretary General.