The OIC Support Extended to the WIPO Director General to Seek for a Second Term

OIC Press Release

26 October 2001

The OIC Support Extended to the WIPO Director General to Seek for a Second Term

A delegation representing the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), in Geneva, met Dr. Kamil Idris, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), on 26 October 2001 at the WIPO Headquarters in Geneva.

At this meeting the OIC delegation, led by H.E Ambassador Dr. Rajmah Hussain Permanent Representative of Malaysia and the Chairperson of the OIC Group in Geneva, expressed the satisfaction of the OIC to Dr. Kamil Idris for his excellent leadership during the last four years in particular implementation of various policies and initiatives undertaken by him in the field of intellectual property which have tremendously benefited the WIPO member states especially the developing countries.

In recognition of his outstanding performance and prominent contribution as the Head of WIPO, the OIC delegation conveyed to Dr. Kamil Idris the unanimous decision of the OIC Group urging him to run for a second term as the WIPO Director General. In this connection, the OIC delegation assured Dr. Idris that the OIC membership would fully support him to seek for another term.

The OIC had expressed its support for Dr. Idris to run for another term during the meeting of the OIC group at the ambassadorial level held on 24 October 2001 in Geneva.

Dr. Kamil Idris warmly welcomed the OIC delegation and expressed his deep appreciation for the OIC support extended to him. Referring to wide representation of so many countries in the OIC and its important role in various international fora including WIPO, Dr. Idris characterized the OIC support as a source of pride and honour. He humbly accepted the OIC call on him to run for a second term.

During discussions, the significant roles of WIPO and the OIC in promoting the idea of Dialogue among Civilization at the global scene was emphasized. The rich concept of property in the Islamic jurisprudence including intellectual property and its central role in regulating relevant principles were also highlighted.