OIC Groups in Vienna and UNESCO (Paris)

OIC Group in Vienna


Ambassador Slimane CHIKH and Mr Yury FEDOTOV Director General of UNOV

The OIC Delegation in Geneva is also accredited to the United NationsOffice in Vienna (UNOV) since 1992. The UNOV, established since 1980,is serving as liaison Office with permanents missions, and governments,intergovernmental and non governmental organisations in Vienna.

The OIC Office is working closely with the United Nations Office on Drugsand Crime (UNODC) which is associated with the UNOV, and is participatingalso in the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), locatedin Vienna.

The OIC Members represented in Vienna have created in 2005 an OIC Groupin Vienna functioning as the OIC Group in Geneva, aiming to collaborateand to strengthen the position of the OIC States while dealing with theissues (Crime, terrorism, Corruption, Drug control etc) or with otherissues of common interest related to the work and activities of the UNOffices and other Organisations based in Vienna.

The election of the Chair of this group follows the same proceeding asfor other groups established in Geneva and Unesco (Paris). The State whichhas the chair of the Current ICFM is heads the OIC Group for one year.

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The OIC Group in UNESCO (Paris- France) has been established since 2005to strengthen the OIC cooperation between OIC and UNESCO and achieve thecommon goals in term of socio-economics, cultural and scientific developmentand to face challenges in the field of education, illiteracy and knowledge.

By launching the OIC Group in UNESCO, the OIC paves the way for betterinteraction together with its partner to preserve cultural and historicalheritage around the world and specifically in the OIC members States,to strengthen the dialogue among civilisations and to remove the barriersof misunderstanding by consolidating human bond connecting people.

The OIC group in UNESCO is expected to play a greater and dynamic rolein coordination and defence of the OIC’s position on the main internationalissues covered by the UNESCO, mainly in the field of illiteracy and promotionof socio-economic, cultural and scientific development of the OIC MembersSates.

Protecting the holy site in Jerusalem and else where, promoting interculturaldialogue and cultural diversity, combating islamophobia are among themain objectives of the OIC group in Paris UNESCO.

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