Organizational Structure of the OIC

Principal Bodies

The Islamic Summit Conference

The Islamic Summit Conference is the supreme body of the OIC entrusted with defining strategies for the OIC policies and actions. It convenes once every three years.

The Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers(ICFM)

The ICFM considers the means of implementing the general policy of the organization and adopts resolutions accordingly. It meets in regular sessions once a year. There are also ICFM special sessions as required by circumstances.

The General Secretariat

It carries out dutues entrusted to it by the above conferences as the Organisation’s executive organ. The headquarters are in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The General Secretariat is headed by a Secretary General elected by the ICFM for a period of four years, renewable once only.

The International Islamic Court of Justice

The establishment of the Court has been decided by the Third Islamic Summit. It is envisioned to have 7 members elected by the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers and to have headquarters in Kuwait City, the State of Kuwait.

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Subsidiary Organs

 The International Commission for the Preservation of the Islamic Heritage Istanbul, Turkey

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Specialised Institutions

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Affiliated Institutions

 The Islamic Committee of the International Crescent, (ICIC) , Benghazi, Libya
 The International Association of Islamic Banks , Cairo, Egypt
 The Sports Federation of Islamic Solidarity Games , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
 The World Federation of International Arabo-Islamic Schools , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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