OIC Group in Geneva


Drawing on the relevant resolutions of the ICFM’s, an OIC Group in Geneva has been established to help further improvement of Solidarity and Coordination among Member States.

The objectives of establishing this group, are: to consolidated the spirit of solidarity among the Members States; to enhance the Group’s potential by the involvement of their Ambassadors and experts in negotiations and decision making process; to coordinate the position and views of the OIC countries and harmonize their positions in the different foras and International meetings of the UN Agencies and specialized institutions, to contribute, as cross-regional Group to international decision making process.

The OIC Group in Geneva was also established to increase the effectiveness of the work of the OIC Missions aimed at promoting efficient cooperation and coordination among Members States on issues concerning Muslim Ummah.

Some keys factors in advancing the objectives of the Group are:

– Maintaining a clear vision on the work of the OIC Group

The principles and goals enshrined in the OIC Charter, the guidance of the OIC conferences; and the indicative spirit of the Group, materialized through its dealing with United Nations Agenda in Geneva constitutes the main component of the vision. In addition, resolution n° 40/30-P of the 31ICFM, entitled “Adoption by the Islamic States of a Unified Stand at International For a” also serves as a directive on Various aspect of the Group’s activities including defining mandates and scope of work as well as setting priorities and submitting of recommendations.

– Active and closer coordination

Outputs of the established mechanism of the Group for coordinating on 5 thematic issues of UNOG which are: human rights and humanitarian issues; economics and trade issues; social and related issues; technology issues and disarmament issues, could manifest in joint statement and initiatives at various conferences and for a in Geneva with great contribution to the credibility and influence of the Group.

– Follow up, review and evaluation

Joint endeavors of the Chairman and coordinators in determining appropriate follow-up measures for decision of the Group as well as, timely reporting on their implementation would have a reassuring impact on maintaining consistency within the Group. Occasion such as the transfer of the Group’s Chairmanship; visits by the Secretary General or other relevant dignitaries; and the conclusion of important meetings, like the general Conference, are appropriate times for reflection of the Group on its performance

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OIC Group Composition


OIC Group Chairmanship

The Chairman of the Group is the representative of the Country which has Chairmanship term of the ICFM (Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers).

Uganda is currently the chairmanship of the OIC Group in Geneva.


OIC Group Coordinators

Coordinators are elected at the first Ambassadorial meeting following the ICFM’s annual Conference.

Until the next ICFM, the Coordinators of the OIC Group in Geneva are:

Republic of Pakistan:
Coordinator on Human rights and humanitarian issues

Islamic Republic of Iran:
Coordinator on Economic and Development issues

Republic of Algeria:
Coordinator on Disarmament and related issues

Republic of Tunisia:
Coordinator on Information, Technology and ITC’s related issues

Republic of Senegal:
Coordinator on Social and related issues

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OIC Members to UN in Geneva

The OIC Group in Geneva is composed by the 52 members States which have Permanent Representation accredited to the United Nations Office in Geneva, 3 Observers States and 4 Observers from international organisations.

Permanent Missions of OIC Member States to the United Nations in Geneva


 Permanent Mission of Benin in Geneva

E-mail: info@missionbenin.ch

 Burkina Faso  
 Permanent Mission of Burkina Faso in Geneva

E-mail: mission.burkina@ties.itu.int

 Permanent Mission of Cameroun in Geneva

E-mail: mission.cameroun@bluewin.ch

  Permanent Mission of Chad in Geneva


 Cote D’Ivoire  
Permanent Mission of Cote D’Ivoire in Geneva

E-mail: cotedivoire@bluewin.ch

 Permanent Mission of Gabon in Geneva

E-mail: mission.gabon@ties.itu.int

Permanent Mission of Guinea in Geneva

E-mail: mission.guinea@ties.itu.int

 Permanent Mission of Mali in Geneva

E-mail: malisuisse@yahoo.fr

 Permanent Mission of Mauritania in Geneva

E-mail: mission.mauritania@ties.itu.int

 Permanent Mission of Mozambique in Geneva

E-mail: mission.moza@bluewin.ch

 Permanent Mission of Niger in Geneva

E-mail: missionduniger@gmail.com

 Permanent Mission of Senegal in Geneva

E-mail: mission.senegal@ties.itu.int

 Permanent Mission of Somalia in Geneva

E-mail: mission.somalia@ties.itu.int

 Permanent Mission of Sudan in Geneva

E-mail: mission.sudan@bluewin.ch

 Permanent Mission of Togo in Geneva

E-mail: info@mission-togo.ch

 Permanent Mission of Uganda


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 Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot afghanistan at bluewin dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Bangladesh in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot bangladesh at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Brunei in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot brunei at ties dot itu dot ch

  Permanent Mission of Indonesia in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot indonesia at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot kazakstan at ties dot itu dot int

  Permanent Mission of Kyrgyzstan in Geneva

E-mail: kyrgyzmission at bluewin dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Malaysia in Geneva

E-mail: mwgeneva at ties dot itu dot int

  Permanent Mission of Maldives in Geneva

E-mail: mlimon at maldivesmission dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Pakistan in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot pakistan at ties dot itu dot int

  Permanent Mission of Tajikistan
 Permanent Mission of Turkmenistan
  Permanent Mission of Uzbekistan

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 Permanent Mission of Algeria

E-mail: mission dot algerie at mission-algerie dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Bahrain in Geneva

E-mail: info at bahrain-mission dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Djibouti in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot djibouti at djibouti dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Egypt in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot egypt  at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Iran in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot iran at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Iraq in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot iraq at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Jordan

E-mail: mission dot jordan at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Kuwait in Geneva

E-mail: info at kuwaitmission dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Lebanon in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot lebanon at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Libya
 Permanent Mission of Morocco in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot maroc at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Oman in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot oman at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Palestine
 Permanent Mission of Qatar in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot qatar at ties dot itu dot int

 Saudi Arabia  
 Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia in Geneva

E-mail: saudiamission at bluewin dot ch

 Permanent Mission of Syria in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot syria at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Tunisia in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot tunisia at ties dot itu dot int

  United Arab Emirates  
 Permanent Mission of United Arab Emirates in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot uae at ties dot itu dot int

 Permanent Mission of Yemen in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot yemen at ties dot itu dot int

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 Permanent Mission of Albania in Geneva

E-mail: almission dot geneva at mfa dot gov dot al

 Azerbaijan   Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan in Geneva

E-mail: geneva at mission dot mfa dot gov az

 Permanent Mission of Turkey in Geneva

E-mail: mission dot turkey at ties dot itu dot int

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OIC Observer States, International Organizations & Institutions


Bosnia &
Central African Republic

International Organizations

United Nations (UN)
Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)
League of Arab States (LAS)
African Union (AU)

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The OIC Group holds monthly Ambassadorial Meeting on the first Tuesday of each Month to discuss the OIC and UN Agenda and matters of common interests among the members States.

The Chairman of the OIC Group convenes the meeting and timely distributes, through the OIC Office in Geneva the Agenda of the meeting to the Members States. A report issued after each meeting is circulated among the OIC Members States and a copy is send to the OIC Secretary General in Jeddah for information, as well as to the OIC Office in New York for matter of coordination with the OIC Group in New York.

The Chairman can convey additional meeting, at Ambassadorial or expert level if needed and according to the Agenda of the UN and other international Organisations and specialized Agencies to facilitate the process of decision-making.

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