Comments on behalf of the OIC on draft resolution on “Situation of Human Rights in Sudan”

Comments on behalf of the OIC on draft resolution on "Situation of Human Rights in Sudan"

Mr. Chairman,

I have the honour to make these general comments on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Conference on the draft resolution contained in document L.27 "Situation of human rights in Sudan". Despite perpetual civil war and as a least developed country the efforts of Sudanese government for enabling the Sudanese people full enjoyment of all rights is indeed remarkable. The termination of the Security Council sanctions against Sudan in September 2001 signified international acknowledgement of the progress that Sudan has achieved in the field of human rights. Sudan’s constructive engagement specially with the American Envoy on Peace in Sudan has resulted into several agreements , a cease-fire agreement in Nuba mountains, the agreement on addressing the issues of abduction of women and children and the agreement on the protection of civilians and access of humanitarian assistance to war affected areas.

Mr. Chairman,

Sudan has cooperated with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in particular and the world community in general in implementation of its commitments under international covenants and treaties of human rights. Some significant steps of the Sudanese government in the last 10 years on promoting and protecting human rights in the country are as follows:

    1. Adoption of the Constitution in 1998 which enshrines a bill of rights in accordance with international norms and a subsequent adoption of relevant legislations on human rights in the spirit of the Constitution.
    2. Establishment of an Independent Constitutional Court to protect constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms of Sudanese people.
    3. Establishment of several national mechanisms including the Advisory Council on Human Rights.
    4. Establishment of Committee for eradicating abduction of women and children which is a focal point for its cooperation with all international and Non-governmental organizations.
    5. Establishment of International Committee for investigating the allegations of slavery.
    6. The establishment of Human Rights units within concerned Ministry.
    7. Establishment of Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Public Duties with the mandate to monitor, promote and protect human rights in the country.
    8. The establishment of a Preparatory Committee with the representation all political parties, NGOs and human rights defenders for establishment of an independent National Human Rights institution.
    9. Implementation of the Technical cooperation programme between Sudan and OHCHR concluded in March 2002 with the presence of international experts in Khartoum.
    10. Continuation of negotiations with the International Committee for Red Cross for establishment of a humanitarian law.

Mr. Chairman,

OIC deeply regrets that the Chairman’s statement proposed by the African Group, which was a realistic reflection of the situation of human rights in Sudan was rejected by the European Union without negotiating the proposed text at a very late hour. The African proposal had encouraged Sudan to further implement the Human Rights covenants and treaties. However Sudan’s concrete achievements and efforts for creating a strong framework for promotion and protection of human rights have deliberately been ignored and undermined.

Despite such unfair dispensation, Sudan would continue to strive to promote human rights and well being of Sudanese people in accordance with the Constitution of the country and international human rights and humanitarian law. The OIC believes that the current draft resolution demonstrates deliberate negation of Sudanese government’s consistent efforts and constructive engagement with the international community for promotion and protection of human rights in the country and would therefore vote against this resolution.

We also call for a recorded vote on this draft resolution.

I thank you.