Secretary General’s Reports
Political Affairs
to the 26th ICFM, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, June 28 – 1 July 1999


—  Situation in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


—  Jammu and Kashmir Dispute.


—  Situation in Afghanistan.


—  Situation in Somalia.


—   Consequences of Iraqi aggression against the State of Kuwait and the necessity for Iraq to implement all the relevant Security Council resolutions.


—   Aggression of the Republic of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan.


—   Right of the Great Socialist People’s libyan Arab Jamahiriya to reparations for damages resulting from the U.S. aggression against it in 1986.


—  Crisis between the Great Socialist People’s libyan Arab Jamahiriya on the one hand and the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Republic of France, on the other.


—   Solidarity with the Great Socialist People’s libyan Arab Jamahiriya in respect of the so-called D’Amato Law.


—   Situation in Cyprus.


—   Comorian Island of Mayotte.


—   Situation in Kosovo.


—  Developments taking place in the world, especially in Eastern and Central Europe and their impact on the Islamic World.


—   Security and solidarity of Islamic States.


—   Disarmament Issue.


—   Problem of dumping of dangerous nuclear and toxic wastes.


—  Elimination of antipersonnel mines and the mines clearing operations.


—   Coordination and consultation among Islamic States.


—   Islamic solidarity with the peoples of the Sahel.


—   Critical economic situation in Africa.


—   Question of reparations and compensation for colonization and after effects of war.


—   support for the efforts of Sudan to achieve national unity, peace and development, and to safeguard its identity and cultural heritage in the face of current challenges.


—   support for Niger’s efforts to consolidate its national unity.


—   Assistance for the rehabilitation and development of the Northern Region of Mali.


—   Right to the use of science and technology for development.


—   Problems of refugees in the Muslim World.


—   Assistance to the Republic of Sudan in hosting refugees and displaced persons.


—   Non-proliferation treaty review conference in the year 2000.


—   support for the initiative of the Republic of Kazakhstan for convening the Conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia.


—   UN reform including the expansion and reform of the Security Council.


—   Political situation in the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros.


—   United States decision to impose unilateral economic sanctions against Sudan.


—   Situation in the Republic of Sierra Leone.


—   Preservation of the security and territorial integrity of the Islamic States.