by H. E. Ambassador Babacar BA


Since its inception on 25 September 1969, the OIC has embarked itself upon different programs and activities to promote cooperation and coordination among its member states and to raise and address the political, socio-economic, cultural challenges confronting the Islamic World (UMMAH).

Through the General Secretariat and number of subsidiary, specialized and affiliated organs, the OIC is contributing to the efforts of the International community to build and promote a better world based on cultural diversity, mutual respect and understanding, tolerance, solidarity and cooperation, in conformity with the Islamic values and teachings.

The OIC Office in Geneva, as a subsidiary organ of the General Secretariat, is a Permanent Observer Mission accredited to the United Nations Offices in Geneva and Vienna as well. Its main duties are:

– to represent the OIC to various meetings within the UN system and other inter-governmental organizations and Institutions;

– to facilitate activities and coordination of the OIC Ambassadorial groups in Geneva and Vienna;

– to follow, coordinate and promote institutional relations between the OIC General Secretariat, in one side, the UN system and others international Institutions and NGO’s, in another side.

By opening this Website, the OIC Office in Geneva wishes to provide updated information about the main actions and programs of the organization and about activities of the OIC group in Geneva and Vienna.

We do hope that this Website will be successful in meeting your expectation for more visibility of the actions and perspectives of the OIC, as main actor in the international fora.