The OIC Contact Group on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo meets in New York

OIC Press Release

12 September 2000

The OIC Contact Group on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo meets in New York

Dr. Azeddine Laraki, Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, opened on Tuesday 14th Jumada II 1421H (12 September 2000) the proceedings of the OIC Contact Group on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo within the framework of preparations for the Annual Coordination Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the OIC Member States due to be held on 18th September.

The Secretary General stated in his opening address that the meeting was being held at a time when the international agreements and resolutions on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo are still not implemented despite the fact that they were adopted quite some time ago, and also at a time when many displaced people are still living as homeless refugees unable as yet to return to their home and hearth and to resume their normal life such as to be able to participate effectively in the reconstruction of their country.

The Secretary General further stressed the need to continue extending every support to the Muslims in the Balkans so as to enable them to preserve their Islamic identity and achieve parity with the other communities living in this important yet turbulent region.

Subsequently, the Ministers, Members of the Committee which comprises Bosnia Herzegovina, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Senegal, Malaysia and the Republic of Turkey, looked into the issues on the Committee’s agenda, foremost of which the developments of the situation in the Balkan region, the re-establishment of peace and stability there, the restitution of the rights of the people of Bosnia and Kosovo, and the pursuit of the criminals involved in the war witnessed by the region.