by H. E. Ambassador Slimane CHIKH


Since its inception on 25 September 1969, the OIC has acquired a rich experience in the international scene and more precisely within multilateral institutions. Representing 57 member States, the OIC has a considerable weight within these institutions where it makes others listen to the voice of the Islamic Umma and presents the image of moderate Islam, tolerant, open to dialogue and bearing the message of peace, harmony and solidarity between men. It is on this note that the OIC works towards the promotion of Human rights, cooperation between States and peoples and access to modernity for the Umma within the respect of their cultural and civilizational values.

The office of the OIC's action, falls within this framework and is the representation of the General Secretariat to the United Nations offices in Geneva and Vienna. It is also the Secretariat of the group of OIC member States in these two capitals and assumes the role of observer to all organs within the United Nation system, to other international organisations and NGOs as well.

The activities of the OIC and its representation in Geneva and Vienna are transmitted via this website which I hope meets the demand for useful and up to date information, requested by all those interested in the actions of the OIC.

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Prof. E. Ihsanoglu
General secretary of OIC

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